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Photograph of Councillor Peter Hiller
Councillor Peter Hiller

Correspondence address:
c/o Executive and Members Services
Town Hall
Bridge Street

Mobile: 07920 160487


About Me

Why I stood as a Councillor


Simply, I love where I live and I'm community-spirited and orientated. On the 'put-up or shut-up' principle I advocate folk putting back a little of what you take out of life. The hackneyed 'I wanted to make a difference' sound bite acutally has a ring of truth with me - although I'm realistic enough to know that often 'making a difference' can actually mean keeping something the same and not permitting change for the worse!


What I'm trying to achieve as a Councillor


I have been involved within the local political scene for many years but view my election to membership of the City Council as apolitical. Yes, I wear a blude badge but when it comes down to the day-to-day rural ward issues, residents aren't interested in your political leanings; they want their issue resolved. Where being a Tory does help is that in Peterborough we have a majority and as a member of that group, I am often able to get problems sorted sooner rather than later.


About me


I moved to Peterborough in 1993 from West London and have two grown-up children, Katy and Robert. I have a broad range of interests, apart from politics and the City Council, including photography, cookery, wine, writing and most things about the way of life in rural southern France, where we have a second home.



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