Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Household Support Fund - NOV/CMDN/52 ref: 189925/11/202125/11/2021Not for call-in
Eastern Industries Access Improvement Scheme - Development Of Full Business Case And Detailed Design - NOV21/CMDN/51 ref: 189519/11/202125/11/2021Call-in expired
Uncollectable Debts in Excess of £10,000 - NOV21/CMDN/50 ref: 189419/11/202125/11/2021Call-in expired
Allotment Fees and Charges – NOV21/CMDN/49 ref: 189318/11/202124/11/2021Call-in expired
Budget Control Report September 2021 - NOV21/CAB/48 ref: 189015/11/202119/11/2021Call-in expired
Tree Management: Limited Review of the Trees and Woodland Strategy (Including Revised Tree Planting Targets) - NOV21/CAB/46 ref: 189115/11/202119/11/2021Call-in expired
Statement of Community Involvement Review and Update - NOV21/CAB/45 ref: 189215/11/202119/11/2021Call-in expired
Domestic Abuse - Safe Accommodation Strategy - NOV21/CAB/47 ref: 188915/11/202119/11/2021Call-in expired