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Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Amendment of Hotel Loan Facility for Fletton Quays Hotel - NOV19/CMDN/56 ref: 167320/11/201926/11/20190
Cross Party Climate Change Member Working Group - NOV19/CAB/54 ref: 167118/11/201922/11/20190
Peterborough Business Improvement District (BID) Update Report and Proposed Next Steps - NOV19/CAB/53 ref: 167018/11/201922/11/20190
Best Start in Life Strategy 2019-2024 - NOV19/CAB/52 ref: 166918/11/201922/11/20190
Prevent Strategy Refresh – 2019 – 2021 - NOV19/CAB/55 ref: 167218/11/201922/11/20190
Transfer of Gladstone Park Community Centre - NOV19/CMDN/51 ref: 166811/11/201915/11/2019Call-in expired