Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
The 2023/2024 Local Transport Plan Annual Programme of Works - KEY/27FEB23/0727/01/2023For Determination24/02/2023
Award of contract direct to Milestone Infrastructure Services for three major highways schemes - KEY/27FEB23/0627/01/2023For Determination31/03/2023
Better Care Fund - KEY/27FEB23/0527/01/2023For Determination01/03/2023
Approval for contract to be awarded to Milestone to deliver construction of A1260 Nene Parkway Junction 3 Improvement Scheme - KEY/27FEB23/0427/01/2023For Determination13/03/2023
Approval for contract to be awarded to Milestone to deliver construction of Eastern Industries Access Improvement Scheme - KEY/27FEB23/0327/01/2023For Determination13/03/2023
Procurement of a Framework Agreement for the Provision of Specialist De-cluttering and Deep Cleaning Services - KEY/27FEB23/0227/01/2023For Determination01/03/2023
Adult Social Care Market Sustainability Plan - KEY/27FEB23/0127/01/2023For Determination13/03/2023
Ash Dieback Action Plan - KEY/13FEB23/0613/01/2023For Determination13/02/2023
City Centre Public Space Protection Order – KEY/13FEB23/0513/01/2023For Determination04/2023
Household Support Fund – Round 4 – KEY/13FEB23/0413/01/2023For Determination13/03/2023
Shared Prosperity Funding – KEY/13FEB23/0313/01/2023For Determination13/02/2023
Peterborough Limited Update13/01/2023For Determination27/02/2023
PCC’s Homecare Spend through CCC’s DPS – KEY/13FEB23/0213/01/2023For Determination03/2023
Peterborough City College Day Opportunities and Supported Employment Extension – KEY/13FEB23/0113/01/2023For Determination13/03/2023
Operating Model City College03/01/2023For Determination02/2023
Procurement of Infrastructure Services – KEY/31JAN2023/0603/01/2023For Determination13/03/2023
Extension of the contract for the Adults and Children Integrated Drug and Alcohol Treatment Service with Change Grow Live (CGL) for a an additional 2 years with an end date of the 31st of March 2026 - KEY/31JAN23/0503/01/2023For Determination13/03/2023
Approval for additional external public health funding to be allocated to the Integrated Sexual and Reproductive Health Services as part of the ongoing Section 75 - KEY/31JAN23/0403/01/2023For Determination02/2023
Commissioning Behavioural Insights Research & Interventions, Smoking and Pregnancy Incentivisation Pilot, and Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs Assessment – KEY/31JAN23/0303/01/2023For Determination02/2023
Electricity Contract Renewal - 1st Oct 2024 - 30th Sep 2028 - KEY/31JAN23/0203/01/2023For Determination13/02/2023
Termination of the Council's Agency Worker Contract – KEY/31JAN2023/0103/01/2023For Determination02/2023
Child Weight Management Procurement - KEY/16JAN23/0316/12/2022For Determination02/2023
Education Systems Contract Award - KEY/19DEC22/0118/11/2022For Determination03/2023
Peterborough Limited Subsidiary Structure04/11/2022For Determination13/03/2023
Acquisition of 4 Royce Road, Peterborough04/11/2022For Determination01/2023
Extension of the current Section 75 agreements for the Healthy Child Programme (HCP) in Peterborough (Health Visiting, Family Nurse Partnership and School Nursing) - KEY/05DEC22/0604/11/2022For Determination13/03/2023
Procurement of a DPS for The Construction of Large-scale Adaptations to Domestic Properties to Provide Disabled Living Facilities and The Provision of Repairs Assistance to Low Income and Vulnerable, Owner Occupiers of Domestic Properties from 1 Jan04/11/2022For Determination02/2023
Disposal of Ground Rent at Hereward Cross – KEY/05DEC22/0104/11/2022For Determination02/2023
Refugee Resettlement Befriender Contract Award – KEY/21NOV22/0221/10/2022For Determination02/2023
Charging residents and developers for replacement bins – KEY/21NOV22/0121/10/2022For Determination02/2023
Approval to award a grant for a Mental Health Supported Living service12/08/2022For Determination01/2023
Approval of Delegation Agreement for Floating Support Service12/08/2022For Determination01/2023
Award of Insurance Contract - KEY/1AUG22/0201/07/2022For Determination04/2023
Approval and Endorsement of a new countywide Infant Feeding Strategy17/06/2022For Determination01/2023
PCC/CCC Delegation Agreement for jointly procured Floating Support service - KEY/27FEB23/0817/06/2022For Determination01/2023
Clare Lodge and agency resource - KEY/28MAR2022/0225/02/2022For Determination13/03/2023
Article 4 Direction - KEY/28MAR2022/0125/02/2022For Determination13/02/2023
Werrington Fields and Ken Stimpson Secondary School22/10/2021For Determination01/2023
Approval to enter into a Section 75 Partnership Agreement with Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust08/09/2021For Determination01/2023
Approval of the Peterborough Sufficiency Strategy16/07/2021For Determination01/2023
Peterborough City Council Housing Related Support Procurement / Commissioning - KEY/24MAY21/0223/04/2021For Determination13/03/2023
Approval of the leasehold disposal of a brownfield site to a care provider27/09/2019For Determination01/2023