Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Approval for contract to be awarded to Skanska to outline business case and preliminary design for A16 Norwood improvement scheme - KEY/10MAY21/0109/04/2021For Determination05/2021
Fleet Procurement - KEY/26APR2021/0826/03/2021For Determination26/04/2021
Purchase of Home to School vehicles for Aragon Direct Services - KEY/26APR2021/0726/03/2021For Determination26/04/2021
Award of APV Baker Footbridge Work Package Through the Peterborough Highway Services Contract - KEY/26APR2021/0526/03/2021For Determination26/04/2021
New Waste Collection Vehicles - KEY/26APR2021/0426/03/2021For Determination26/04/2021
Grounds Maintenance Equipment - KEY/26APR2021/0326/03/2021For Determination26/04/2021
64-68 Bridge Street, dilapidation works - KEY/26APR2021/0226/03/2021For Determination26/04/2021
Peterborough Integrated Substance Misuse contract extension and variations with external funding - KEY/26APR2021/0126/03/2021For Determination24/04/2021
Interim extension to Temporary Agency Resource: 1 April 2021 to 30 May 2021 – KEY/12APR21/0312/03/2021For Determination04/2021
PCC Homecare Framework – KEY/12APR21/0212/03/2021For Determination06/2021
Mental Health Section 75 Partnership Agreement – KEY/12APR21/0112/03/2021For Determination04/2021
Approval for application of Government funding for a heat network - KEY/29MAR21/0226/02/2021For Determination03/2021
Security Services Contract - KEY/29MAR21/0126/02/2021For Determination03/2021
Bretton Court Redevelopment Scheme – KEY/15MAR21/0412/02/2021For Determination03/2021
Extension of the Delivery of Leisure and Cultural Services – KEY/15MAR21/0212/02/2021For Determination
Procurement of 22 one bedroom flats for the accommodation of people who have previously been rough-sleepers - KEY/04JAN21/0104/12/2020For Determination03/2021
Joint PCC and CCC IT Service Management System20/11/2020For Determination03/2021
Mechanism selected for the supply of agency workers – KEY/21DEC20/0220/11/2020For Determination03/2021
Approval of City Parking Strategy - KEY/21DEC20/0120/11/2020For Determination06/2021
Selective Licensing of Private Rented Property06/11/2020For Determination03/2021
Variation to the Council's Operational Services Agreement (Peterborough Serco Strategic Partnership Contract): Modification to scope of the PSSP Contract - KEY/7DEC20/0206/11/2020For Determination03/2021
Joint Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council Transport Services DPS - KEY/7DEC20/0106/11/2020For Determination03/2021
Decision to re-establish a Housing Revenue Account - KEY/16NOV20/0316/10/2020For Determination06/2021
Recommission Children and Young People's Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Services in Peterborough and Cambridgeshire – KEY/16NOV20/0116/10/2020For Determination03/2021
COVID Local Economic Recovery Strategy (LERS)25/09/2020For Determination05/2021
Acquisition of a freehold commercial property in Peterborough City Centre - KEY/8JUN20/0307/05/2020For Determination03/2021
Award of Community Alarm (Lifeline) Contract to commence 1/10/2021 - KEY/8JUN20/0107/05/2020For Determination06/2021
Leisure Facility Options Appraisal24/04/2020For Determination03/2021
Re-implementation of the Millfield, New England, Eastfield and Embankment Public Space Protection Order – KEY/11MAY20/0109/04/2020For Determination03/2021
Approval for a "Pseudo" Dynamic Purchasing System for Early Intervention and Prevention Services - KEY/27APR20/0227/03/2020For Determination03/2021
Modern Slavery Statement17/01/2020For Determination03/2021
The disposal of former playing fields at Angus Court, Westown, Peterborough - KEY/06JAN20/0206/12/2019For Determination03/2021
Disposal of land at 7-23 London Road, Peterborough - KEY/06JAN20/0106/12/2019For Determination03/2021
Approval of the leasehold disposal of a brownfield site to a care provider27/09/2019For Determination03/2021
Approval of funding for the provision of accommodation to reduce homelessness KEY/14OCT19/0113/09/2019For Determination03/2021
Contract for remedial works by PCC to the Stanground Bypass – KEY/2SEP19/0202/08/2019For Determination03/2021
Vehicle removal for Parking contravention - KEY/15APR19/0215/03/2019For Determination03/2021
Disposal of former Barnack Primary School Caretaker House04/01/2019For Determination03/2021
Adoption of the “Dynamic Purchasing System” (DPS) procedure for Public Health contracts with Primary Care providers - KEY/10DEC18/0109/11/2018For Determination03/2021
To approve the awarding of contracts to external providers following a competitive tender exercise led by Cambridgeshire County Council. - KEY/25JUNE18/0225/05/2018For Determination03/2021
Disposal of freehold in Centre of the City - KEY/12JUN18/0111/05/2018For Determination03/2021