Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Confirmation of the arrangements to transfer the services provided by NPS Peterborough Ltd following termination of their agreement in relation to property and estates - KEY/2JAN2023/0202/12/2022For Determination16/01/2023
Approval of transfer/sale of Regional Pool car park to facilitate phase 3 of the university project – KEY/2JAN2023/0102/12/2022For Determination16/01/2023
Review of the Local Plan - KEY/19DEC22/0418/11/2022For Determination16/01/2023
Apply to the Secretary of State for Moving Traffic Enforcement Powers under Section 6 of the Traffic Management Act - KEY/19DEC22/0318/11/2022For Determination19/12/2022
Active Travel Funding Award for Thorpe Wood Cycleway and School Streets - KEY/19DEC22/0218/11/2022For Determination19/12/2022
Education Systems Contract Award - KEY/19DEC22/0118/11/2022For Determination03/2023
Acquisition of 4 Royce Road, Peterborough04/11/2022For Determination12/2022
Adult Social Care IT system procurement 2023 KEY/05DEC22/0504/11/2022For Determination19/12/2022
Re-tendering of the Care & Repair Framework Agreement (4 LOTS) 1 Jan 2023 to 31 Dec 2025 with optional 2 yearly extensions to 31 Dec 2027 - KEY/05DEC22/0404/11/2022For Determination01/2023
Procurement of a DPS for The Construction of Large-scale Adaptations to Domestic Properties to Provide Disabled Living Facilities and The Provision of Repairs Assistance to Low Income and Vulnerable, Owner Occupiers of Domestic Properties from 1 Jan04/11/2022For Determination01/2023
Allocation of Funding for PIRI – KEY/05DEC22/0204/11/2022For Determination02/2023
Disposal of Ground Rent at Hereward Cross – KEY/05DEC22/0104/11/2022For Determination12/2022
Disposal of Part of Peterborough Rural Estate – KEY/21NOV22/0321/10/2022For Determination19/12/2022
Extend Grant funded lunch clubs and award grant for AgeUK Day Centre21/10/2022For Determination12/2022
Refugee Resettlement Befriender Contract Award – KEY/21NOV22/0221/10/2022For Determination01/2023
Charging residents and developers for replacement bins – KEY/21NOV22/0121/10/2022For Determination12/2022
Approval for contract to be awarded to Milestone to deliver full business case and detailed design for A16 Norwood improvement scheme. - KEY/7NOV22/0407/10/2022For Determination19/12/2022
Extension of contract for care and support services in Extra Care schemes – KEY/7NOV22/0107/10/2022For Determination12/2022
Approval of the award of contract for Milestone Infrastructure for the Detailed Design of the River Nene Pedestrian Bridge – KEY/24OCT22/0123/09/2022For Determination19/12/2022
Approval to award a grant for a Mental Health Supported Living service12/08/2022For Determination01/2023
Approval of Delegation Agreement for Floating Support Service12/08/2022For Determination12/2022
Cambridgeshire County Council's Pseudo Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) For Individual Service Fund (ISF) Services - KEY/12SEP22/0312/08/2022For Determination12/2022
Direct Payment Support Service – KEY/7NOV22/0612/08/2022For Determination12/2022
Uplift in payments for delivery of public health services in primary care29/07/2022For Determination12/2022
Towns Fund Business Case for The Vine Project - KEY/29AUG22/0129/07/2022For Determination16/01/2023
Debt write-offs in excess of £10,000 - KEY/1AUG22/0301/07/2022For Determination19/12/2022
Award of Insurance Contract - KEY/1AUG22/0201/07/2022For Determination04/2023
Approval and Endorsement of a new countywide Infant Feeding Strategy17/06/2022For Determination12/2022
PCC/CCC Delegation Agreement for jointly procured Floating Support service17/06/2022For Determination12/2022
Approve the Joint Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Suicide Prevention Strategy 2022-202517/06/2022For Determination19/12/2022
Disposal of land at A1/A605 – KEY/1AUG22/0120/05/2022For Determination16/01/2023
Investment to fund the NHS pay award for staff who work in NHS services commissioned by Public Health22/04/2022For Determination12/2022
Clare Lodge and agency resource - KEY/28MAR2022/0225/02/2022For Determination12/2022
Article 4 Direction - KEY/28MAR2022/0125/02/2022For Determination16/01/2023
Werrington Fields and Ken Stimpson Secondary School22/10/2021For Determination12/2022
Approval to enter into a Section 75 Partnership Agreement with Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust08/09/2021For Determination12/2022
Approval of the Peterborough Sufficiency Strategy16/07/2021For Determination12/2022
Peterborough City Council Housing Related Support Procurement / Commissioning - KEY/24MAY21/0223/04/2021For Determination13/03/2023
Approval of the leasehold disposal of a brownfield site to a care provider27/09/2019For Determination12/2022