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Decisions published

22/12/2017 - Expansion of Lime Academy Parnwell - DEC17/CMDN/77 ref: 1414    Recommendations Approved

Approval for the expansion of Lime Academy Parnwell from 1.5 form entry  to 2 form entry. Construction of double Multi –use games area (MUGA)  and additional classrooms

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member for Education Skills and University

Decision published: 22/12/2017

Effective from: 05/01/2018


The Cabinet Member, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Resources is requested to:


Authorise the construction of new school buildings to accommodate the expansion of Lime Trust Academy Parnwell up to the value of the budget sum of £3m, subject to the Council obtaining consent pursuant to section 77 of the School Standards and Framework Act 1988. This sum shall include the anticipated design and build contract costs of and funding for Information and Communications Technology (ICT), all site surveys and project management and technical advisers fees.


Authorise the Corporate Director, People and Communities in consultation with the Interim Corporate Director: Resources and legal services to award the contract for the construction works to the successful contractor from Lot 3 of the Peterborough City Council Construction Framework following the mini-competition process.


Authorise the Director of Governance or delegated officers to enter into any other legal documentation on behalf of the Council in relation to this matter

Wards affected: East;

Lead officer: Sharon Bishop