Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Delivery of Regulatory Services on behalf of Rutland County Council - KEY/15JAN24/0415/12/2023For considerationNot before 08/03/2024
Award of contract for Electronic Document Management Solution – KEY/11MARCH24/0809/02/2024For Determination30/03/2024
To create a new Walking and Cycling Member Working Group - KEY/11MARCH24/0709/02/2024For Determination31/03/2024
Peterborough City Council Care Leavers Local Offer - KEY/11MARCH24/0609/02/2024For Determination11/03/2024
Visitor Economy Strategy - KEY/11MARCH24/0509/02/2024For Determination11/03/2024
Post 16 Framework - KEY/11MARCH24/0409/02/2024For Determination11/03/2024
Treatment of Street Sweeping Recycling Services – KEY/11MARCH24/0309/02/2024For Determination03/05/2024
The re-commissioning of the Prevention of Sexual Ill-health Services - KEY/11MARCH24/0209/02/2024For Determination20/03/2024
Re-commissioning of Community Sexual and Reproductive Health Services - KEY/11MARCH24/0109/02/2024For Determination20/03/2024
Direct award of Public Health Primary Care Contracts (GP's and Pharmacies)26/01/2024For Determination23/02/2024
Disposal of Surplus Land26/01/2024For Determination31/03/2024
Refurbishment Works Relating to LAHF and SHAP Acquisitions Following Successful Grant Awards – KEY/26FEB24/0326/01/2024For Determination11/03/2024
Citizen Advice Peterborough Grant 2024/202526/01/2024For Determination31/03/2024
Fletton Quays Hilton Hotel – KEY/26FEB24/0226/01/2024For Determination11/03/2024
Development For the First Primary School in Great Haddon – KEY/26FEB24/0126/01/2024For Determination11/03/2024
Translation and Interpretation Services - KEY/12FEB24/0326/01/2024For Determination11/03/2024
Regional Fitness and Swimming Centre Building - KEY/12FEB24/0212/01/2024For Determination11/03/2024
Approval of a Section 76 notice for the allocation of funding to establish obesity and cardiovascular disease prevention interventions in GP practices – KEY/12FEB24/0112/01/2024For Determination02/2024
Delivery of Highways Major Schemes 2024/2025 through the existing Peterborough Highways Term Service Contract – KEY/15JAN24/0615/12/2023For Determination11/03/2024
Peterborough Highway Services annual capital programme of works - KEY/15JAN24/0515/12/2023For Determination11/03/2024
To procure a contract for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure - KEY/15JAN24/0315/12/2023For Determination12/02/2024
Procurement of Multi Disciplinary Design Team for Vine Project – KEY/15JAN24/0215/12/2023For Determination22/03/2024
Treatment of Dry Mixed Recycling - Services Contract - KEY/01JAN24/0201/12/2023For Determination05/2024
Healthy Child Programme recommissioning - KEY/18DEC23/0217/11/2023For Determination11/03/2024
CCTV Surveillance System Service - maintenance contract award – KEY/18DEC23/0117/11/2023For Determination05/2024
Sale of Property at Lincoln Road - KEY/04DEC23/0303/11/2023For Determination22/03/2024
Peterborough Station Quarter LUF2 Funding - KEY/04DEC23/0103/11/2023For Determination11/03/2024
Medgen Nursing Services Limited - KEY/17JUL23/0216/06/2023For Determination02/2024
Post-16 Framework for Alternative Education and Training – KEY/17JUL23/0116/06/2023For Determination02/2024
PCC SEND and AP expenditure - KEY/3JUL23/0102/06/2023For Determination02/2024
PCC/CCC Delegation Agreement for jointly procured Floating Support service - KEY/27FEB23/0817/06/2022For Determination02/2024
Approval of the Peterborough Sufficiency Strategy16/07/2021For Determination02/2024