Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Barnack Primary School Refurbishment Works - KEY/26APR2021/0626/03/2021For considerationNot before 22/06/2021
Peterborough Homecare Providers Off the Framework – KEY/5JUL21/0204/06/2021For Determination07/2021
Approval of Safety Fencing Work Packages 2021/2022, 2022/2023, 2023/2024 to Milestone Infrastructure using the established Peterborough Highway Services contract – KEY/5JUL21/0304/06/2021For Determination07/2021
A1139 Safety Barrier - KEY/21JUN21/0321/05/2021For Determination06/2021
Consultation on the permanent change to the number of places available at Heltwate Special School - KEY/21JUN21/0221/05/2021For Determination21/06/2021
Better Care Fund 2020/21 - Section 75 - KEY/21JUN21/0121/05/2021For Determination21/06/2021
COVID-19 Urgent and Surge Community Swabbing Service - continued delegation of function to Cambridgeshire County Council - KEY/21JUN21/0121/05/2021For Determination06/2021
Approval to commit funding for a bespoke specialist placement for a four year period 2021-2025 - KEY/07JUN21/0107/05/2021For Determination06/2021
Integrated Community Equipment Service contract award and Section 75 Agreement - KEY/24MAY21/0323/04/2021For Determination10/2021
Peterborough City Council Housing Related Support Procurement / Commissioning - KEY/24MAY21/0223/04/2021For Determination06/2021
Specialist Services Framework for Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council - KEY/24MAY21/0123/04/2021For Determination06/2021
Fleet Procurement - KEY/26APR2021/0826/03/2021For Determination06/2021
Purchase of Home to School vehicles for Aragon Direct Services - KEY/26APR2021/0726/03/2021For Determination26/06/2021
64-68 Bridge Street, dilapidation works - KEY/26APR2021/0226/03/2021For Determination06/2021
PCC Homecare Framework – KEY/12APR21/0212/03/2021For Determination06/2021
Mental Health Section 75 Partnership Agreement – KEY/12APR21/0112/03/2021For Determination06/2021
Approval for application of Government funding for a heat network - KEY/29MAR21/0226/02/2021For Determination06/2021
Security Services Contract - KEY/29MAR21/0126/02/2021For Determination06/2021
Bretton Court Redevelopment Scheme – KEY/15MAR21/0412/02/2021For Determination06/2021
Extension of the Delivery of Leisure and Cultural Services – KEY/15MAR21/0212/02/2021For Determination
Procurement of 22 one bedroom flats for the accommodation of people who have previously been rough-sleepers - KEY/04JAN21/0104/12/2020For Determination06/2021
Joint PCC and CCC IT Service Management System20/11/2020For Determination06/2021
Mechanism selected for the supply of agency workers – KEY/21DEC20/0220/11/2020For Determination06/2021
Selective Licensing of Private Rented Property06/11/2020For Determination06/2021
Variation to the Council's Operational Services Agreement (Peterborough Serco Strategic Partnership Contract): Modification to scope of the PSSP Contract - KEY/7DEC20/0206/11/2020For Determination06/2021
Joint Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council Transport Services DPS - KEY/7DEC20/0106/11/2020For Determination06/2021
Recommission Children and Young People's Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Services in Peterborough and Cambridgeshire – KEY/16NOV20/0116/10/2020For Determination06/2021
Acquisition of a freehold commercial property in Peterborough City Centre - KEY/8JUN20/0307/05/2020For Determination06/2021
Leisure Facility Options Appraisal24/04/2020For Determination06/2021
Re-implementation of the Millfield, New England, Eastfield and Embankment Public Space Protection Order – KEY/11MAY20/0109/04/2020For Determination06/2021
Modern Slavery Statement17/01/2020For Determination06/2021
The disposal of former playing fields at Angus Court, Westown, Peterborough - KEY/06JAN20/0206/12/2019For Determination06/2021
Disposal of land at 7-23 London Road, Peterborough - KEY/06JAN20/0106/12/2019For Determination06/2021
Approval of the leasehold disposal of a brownfield site to a care provider27/09/2019For Determination06/2021
Approval of funding for the provision of accommodation to reduce homelessness KEY/14OCT19/0113/09/2019For Determination06/2021
Contract for remedial works by PCC to the Stanground Bypass – KEY/2SEP19/0202/08/2019For Determination06/2021
Vehicle removal for Parking contravention - KEY/15APR19/0215/03/2019For Determination06/2021
Disposal of former Barnack Primary School Caretaker House04/01/2019For Determination06/2021
Adoption of the “Dynamic Purchasing System” (DPS) procedure for Public Health contracts with Primary Care providers - KEY/10DEC18/0109/11/2018For Determination06/2021
To approve the awarding of contracts to external providers following a competitive tender exercise led by Cambridgeshire County Council. - KEY/25JUNE18/0225/05/2018For Determination06/2021
Disposal of freehold in Centre of the City - KEY/12JUN18/0111/05/2018For Determination06/2021