Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Approval of the award of contract for Milestone Infrastructure for the Detailed Design of the River Nene Pedestrian Bridge – KEY/24OCT22/0123/09/2022For Determination19/12/2022
Approval to award a grant for a Mental Health Supported Living service12/08/2022For Determination01/2023
Approval of Delegation Agreement for Floating Support Service12/08/2022For Determination12/2022
Cambridgeshire County Council's Pseudo Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) For Individual Service Fund (ISF) Services - KEY/12SEP22/0312/08/2022For Determination12/2022
Direct Payment Support Service – KEY/7NOV22/0612/08/2022For Determination12/2022
Uplift in payments for delivery of public health services in primary care29/07/2022For Determination12/2022
Towns Fund Business Case for The Vine Project - KEY/29AUG22/0129/07/2022For Determination16/01/2023
Debt write-offs in excess of £10,000 - KEY/1AUG22/0301/07/2022For Determination19/12/2022
Award of Insurance Contract - KEY/1AUG22/0201/07/2022For Determination04/2023
Approval and Endorsement of a new countywide Infant Feeding Strategy17/06/2022For Determination12/2022
PCC/CCC Delegation Agreement for jointly procured Floating Support service17/06/2022For Determination12/2022
Approve the Joint Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Suicide Prevention Strategy 2022-202517/06/2022For Determination19/12/2022
Disposal of land at A1/A605 – KEY/1AUG22/0120/05/2022For Determination16/01/2023
Investment to fund the NHS pay award for staff who work in NHS services commissioned by Public Health22/04/2022For Determination12/2022
Clare Lodge and agency resource - KEY/28MAR2022/0225/02/2022For Determination12/2022
Article 4 Direction - KEY/28MAR2022/0125/02/2022For Determination16/01/2023
Werrington Fields and Ken Stimpson Secondary School22/10/2021For Determination12/2022
Approval to enter into a Section 75 Partnership Agreement with Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust08/09/2021For Determination12/2022
Approval of the Peterborough Sufficiency Strategy16/07/2021For Determination12/2022
Peterborough City Council Housing Related Support Procurement / Commissioning - KEY/24MAY21/0223/04/2021For Determination19/12/2022
Approval of the leasehold disposal of a brownfield site to a care provider27/09/2019For Determination12/2022