Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Appointments and Nominations to Outside Bodies Update - Peterborough Limited - JAN23/CMDN/81 ref: 204917/01/202321/01/2023Call-in expired
Peterborough Youth Zone - JAN23/CAN/72 ref: 204016/01/202320/01/2023Call-in expired
Second Independent Improvement and Assurance Panel Report - JAN23/CAB/70 ref: 203816/01/202320/01/2023Call-in expired
Joint Working Arrangement Between Peterborough City Council and Cambridgeshire County Council - Annual Review, Exit Protocol and Procurement Protocol - JAN23/CAB/71 ref: 203916/01/202320/01/2023Call-in expired
Licensing Schemes - Raising Housing Standards - JAN23/CAB/74 ref: 204216/01/202316/01/2023Not for call-in
ARU Peterborough Phase 3 Full Business Case* - JAN23/CAB/77 ref: 204516/01/202320/01/2023Call-in expired
Confirmation of the Arrangements to Transfer Services Provided by NPS Peterborough Limited Following Termination of their Agreement in Relation to Property and Estates* - JAN23/CAB/79 ref: 204716/01/202320/01/2023Call-in expired
Transfer of Regional Pool Car Park for Phase 3 of the University Project* - JAN23/CAB/78 ref: 204616/01/202320/01/2023Call-in expired
Review of the Peterborough Local Plan - JAN23/CAB/75 ref: 204316/01/202316/01/2023Not for call-in
Adult Social Care IT System Procurement 2023* - JAN23/CAB/73 ref: 204116/01/202320/01/2023Call-in expired
Towns Fund Business Case - The Vine* - JAN23/CAB/76 ref: 204416/01/202320/01/2023Call-in expired
Irrecoverable Debts in Excess of £10,000* - JAN23/CAB/80 ref: 204816/01/202320/01/2023Call-in expired