Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
To award a contract for the construction of a new temporary surface car park supporting regional pool and the University of Peterborough project - KEY6JUN22/0206/05/2022For Determination06/06/2022
Award of the Council's gas supply contract from 1st April 2023 – KEY/6JUN22/0106/05/2022For Determination06/2022
Investment in NHS Health Checks to address the backlog created by the impact of COVID-19 pandemic – KEY/23MAY22/0222/04/2022For Determination05/2022
Investment of additional funding from the Office of Health Improvement and Disparities (OHID) to improve Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services – KEY/23MAY22/0122/04/2022For Determination05/2022
Award of APV Baker Ramp Work Package Through the Peterborough Highway Services Contract - KEY/9MAY2022/0408/04/2022For Determination05/2022
Charging residents and developers for new or replacement household waste bins - KEY/9MAY2022/0308/04/2022For DeterminationNot before 09/05/2022
Towns Fund Business Cases - KEY/9MAY2022/0208/04/2022For Determination
Recommendation to deliver parkway resurfacing utilising the Peterborough Highway Services Term Service, awarding works directly to Milestone Infrastructure Services – KEY/9MAY2022/0108/04/2022For Determination05/2022
Approval for contract to be awarded to CIPFA to provide expertise and delivery capacity to support implementation of the Council's Improvement Plan - KEY/25APR2022/0425/03/2022For Determination05/2022
Variations to the Integrated Drug and Alcohol Treatment System Contract - KEY/25APR2022/0325/03/2022For Determination04/05/2022
Extension of Lyons Gardens LD residential respite contract - KEY/25APR2022/0225/03/2022For Determination04/05/2022
Extension of the Learning Disability Day Opportunities Contracts in Peterborough - KEY/25APR2022/0125/03/2022For Determination04/05/2022
Contract value reconciliation to accommodate transaction charges - Pay360 Capita call-off contract via KCS Framework Agreement - KEY/11APRIL2022/0111/03/2022For Determination05/2022
Clare Lodge and agency resource - KEY/28MAR2022/0225/02/2022For Determination05/2022
Article 4 Direction - KEY/28MAR2022/0125/02/2022For Determination05/2022
Procurement of a Design Team for The Vine, 64-68 Bridge Street, Peterborough - KEY/14MAR2022/0111/02/2022For Determination04/05/2022
Dynamic Purchasing System - Temporary Accommodation & Private Rented Sector Scheme – KEY/18FEB22/0528/01/2022For Determination07/2022
Continuation of shared Trading Standards Service – KEY/28FEB22/0328/01/2022For Determination05/2022
Novation of Amey LG Materials Recycling Facility contract – KEY/03JAN22/0203/12/2021For Determination06/2022
Werrington Fields and Ken Stimpson Secondary School22/10/2021For Determination05/2022
Approval to enter into a Section 75 Partnership Agreement with Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust – KEY/11OCT21/0308/09/2021For Determination07/2022
Approval of the Peterborough Sufficiency Strategy16/07/2021For Determination05/2022
Peterborough City Council Housing Related Support Procurement / Commissioning - KEY/24MAY21/0223/04/2021For Determination05/2022
64-68 Bridge Street, dilapidation works - KEY/26APR2021/0226/03/2021For Determination05/2022
PCC Homecare Framework – KEY/12APR21/0212/03/2021For Determination07/2022
Approval for application of Government funding for a heat network - KEY/29MAR21/0226/02/2021For Determination07/2022
Bretton Court Redevelopment Scheme – KEY/15MAR21/0412/02/2021For Determination05/2022
The disposal of former playing fields at Angus Court, Westown, Peterborough - KEY/06JAN20/0206/12/2019For Determination05/2022
Disposal of land at 7-23 London Road, Peterborough - KEY/06JAN20/0106/12/2019For Determination05/2022
Approval of the leasehold disposal of a brownfield site to a care provider27/09/2019For Determination05/2022
Disposal of former Barnack Primary School Caretaker House04/01/2019For Determination05/2022