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Health and Wellbeing Board

Purpose of committee

The Peterborough Health & Well Being Board has been established to provide a strategic leadership forum focussed on securing and improving the health and well being of Peterborough residents.


The aims are:


  • To bring together the leaders of health and social care commissioners to develop common and shared approaches to improving the health and well being of the community


  • To actively promote partnership working across health and social care in order to further improved health and well being of residents.


  • To influence commissioning strategies based on the evidence of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment.


Its functions are:


  • To develop a Health and Well Being Strategy for the City which informs and influences the commissioning plans of partner agencies.


  • To develop a shared understanding of the needs of the community through developing and keeping under review the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and to use this intelligence to refresh the Health & Well Being Strategy.


  • To keep under review the delivery of the designated public health functions and their contribution to improving health and well being and tackling health inequalities


  • To consider the recommendations of the Director of Public Health in their Annual Public Health report.


  • To consider options and opportunities for the joint commissioning of health and social care services for children, families and adults in Peterborough to meet identified needs (based on the findings of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment) and to consider any relevant plans and strategies regarding joint commissioning of health and social care services for children and adults.


  • To identify areas where joined up or integrated commissioning, including the establishment of pooled budget arrangements would benefit improving health and wellbeing and reducing health inequalities.


  • By establishing sub groups as appropriate give consideration to areas of joint health and social care commissioning, including but not restricted to services for people with learning disabilities.


  • To oversee the development of Local HealthWatch for Peterborough and to ensure that they can operate effectively to support health and well being on behalf of users of health and social care services.


  • To keep under consideration, the financial and organisational implications of joint and integrated working across health and social care services, and to make recommendations for ensuring that performance and quality standards for health and social care services to children, families and adults are met and represent value for money across the whole system.


  • To ensure effective working between the Board and the Greater Peterborough Partnership ensuring added value and an avoidance of duplication.


Terms of reference for the Committee can be found here: Health and Wellbeing Board



Contact information

Support officer: Dan Kalley 01733 296334 / Paulina Ford 01733 452508, Senior Democratic Services Officer. Email: / Email:

Phone: 01733 452508