Committee attendance

Attendance statistics are available from 1 April 2010. Any attendance information for meeting dates prior to 1 April 2010 can be found within the minutes of the relevant meeting from the website.

Constitution and Ethics Committee, 17 meetings
Member Attendances
Councillor Steve Allen 13
Councillor Shazia Bashir 10
Councillor Andy Coles 1
Councillor Wayne Fitzgerald 5
Councillor Samantha Hemraj 1
Councillor Christian Hogg 1
Councillor Amjad Iqbal 7
Councillor Mohammed Jamil 7
Councillor Alison Jones 3
Councillor Dennis Jones 1
Councillor Ed Murphy 8
Councillor Oliver Sainsbury 3
Councillor Nick Sandford 14
Councillor David Seaton 8
Councillor Asif Shaheed 3
Councillor Nigel Simons 7
Councillor Sam Smith 4