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Committee attendance

Attendance statistics are available from 1 April 2010. Any attendance information for meeting dates prior to 1 April 2010 can be found within the minutes of the relevant meeting from the website.

Planning and Environmental Protection Committee, 60 meetings
Member Attendances
Councillor Chris Ash 24
Councillor Colin Burton 2
Cllr Graham Casey 3
Councillor Graham Casey 29
Councillor Chris Harper 18
Councillor David Harrington 51
Councillor Peter Hiller 57
Councillor Mrs Pam Kreling 7
Councillor Stephen Lane 36
Councillor Mrs Yvonne Lowndes 7
Councillor Stuart Martin 9
Councillor Nigel North 49
Councillor Lucia Serluca 53
Councillor Nabil Shabbir 25
Councillor George Simons 20
Councillor June Stokes 25
Councillor Charles W Swift OBE 3
Councillor Ann Sylvester 24
Councillor Paula Thacker MBE 6
Councillor Marion Todd 53
Councillor Pamela Winslade 19