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Committee attendance

Attendance statistics are available from 1 April 2010. Any attendance information for meeting dates prior to 1 April 2010 can be found within the minutes of the relevant meeting from the website.

Planning and Environmental Protection Committee, 15 meetings
Member Attendances
Councillor Chris Ash 3
Councillor Andrew Bond 7
Councillor Richard Brown 6
Councillor Graham Casey 9
Councillor Alan Clark 3
Councillor Chris Harper 9
Councillor Peter Hiller 9
Councillor Christian Hogg 1
Councillor Amjad Iqbal 6
Councillor Mohammed Jamil 3
Councillor Aasiyah Joseph 1
Councillor Stuart Martin 7
Councillor Shaz Nawaz 4
Councillor David Over 1
Councillor Brian Rush 5
Councillor Lucia Serluca 5
Councillor June Stokes 8
Cllr Scott Warren 0
Councillor Scott Warren 1