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15/01568/FUL - Webbs Yamaha Centre, High Street, Eye, Peterborough


The planning application was for the change of use at Webbs Yamaha Centre, High Street, Eye from motorcycle sales to commercial units (use classes A1, A2, A3 and A5), industrial processes (use B1C), general industry (use B2) and storage/distribution with trade counter use (use B8). Also included in the application were minor external works, including part demolition and site reconfiguration.


It was officer’s recommendation that planning permission be granted, subject to the conditions set out in the report. The Principal Development Management Officer provided an overview of the application and highlighted a number of key issues within the report.


Chris Dodds, Agent, addressed the Committee in support of the application and responded to questions from Members. In summary the key points highlighted included:

·         The present use of the building was for motorcycle sales and the current business as such was failing.

·         A change of use was imperative, as any further motorcycle sale business would likely encounter, it was believed, the same problems.

·         Mr Dodds suggested that the application would expand and reinforce the local commercial offering and increase employment opportunities in the area.

·         Close work had been carried out with officers, which had resulted in a reduced workshop space, and reconfiguration of the vehicle access and egress.

·         A number of conditions had been agreed with Environmental Health officers. It was considered that the proposals would improve the area, rather than have any detrimental impact.

·         Conditions would be put in place to restrict delivery times and opening times, which were not currently applicable.

·         The larger commercial unit would be a convenience store, with the small units yet to be identified. The workshop would be small scale in nature.

·         No initial consultation was held with residents or the Parish Council, however all points raised in objection had been responded to.

·         Conditions in relation to odour extraction were proposed.


The Committee discussed the application and considered that the proposals represented an improvement to the site and would be a benefit to the local community. Concerns were raised by a Member of the Committee in relation to traffic and parking. It was noted, however, that there were no current restrictions in place for parking on the site, as such the proposal would not worsen the existing situation.


A motion was proposed and seconded to agree that permission be granted, as per officer recommendation, subject to the conditions set out in the report. The motion was carried 9 voting in favour and 1 abstaining from voting.


RESOLVED: (9 voted in favour and 1 abstained from voting) that planning permission is GRANTED subject to the conditions set out in the report.


Reasons for the decision


Subject to the imposition of the attached conditions, the proposal was acceptable having been assessed in the light of all material considerations, including weighing against relevant policies of the development plan and specifically:


·         The site was an existing commercial use and was located within the village of Eye which was designated as a Key Service Centre.  The proposed uses were considered to be acceptable in this location.

·         The scale of retail floorspace was appropriate for the village and would be an enhancement to the existing retail offer.

·         The proposal would provide adequate parking provision and servicing arrangements and would not adversely affect the adjoining highway.

·         The proposal would preserve the character and appearance of the conservation area.

·         Due to the existing characteristics of the site the proposal would not unduly impact upon the amenities of the occupiers of neighbouring properties.


Hence the proposal accorded with policies CS3, CS14, CS15, CS16 and CS17 of the Adopted Peterborough Core Strategy DPD, policies PP1, PP2, PP3, PP9, PP12, PP13 and PP17 of the Adopted Peterborough Planning Policies DPD and the NPPF.


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