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15/00922/OUT - Cranmore Bungalow, Thorney Road, Eye, Peterborough


Councillor Serluca left the meeting at this point.


The outline planning application was for the redevelopment of Alpine Lodge, Cranmore Gate and Cranmore Bungalow, comprising up to 17 residential units including the demolition of the existing buildings.


It was officer’s recommendation that planning permission be granted, subject to the conditions set out in the report. The Development Management Manager provided an overview of the application and highlighted a number of key issues within the report.


Matthew Dalton addressed the Committee in objection to the application and responded to questions from Members. In summary the key points highlighted included:

·         Mr Dalton had no general objection to development in Eye.

·         As the owner of the business neighbouring the application site, and wishing to be a good neighbour, he had concerns with regards to the safety of residents and his staff.

·         The road network was busy with regular vehicle movements. Concern was raised as to whether the traffic of an additional 17 dwellings would impact the safety of the road.

·         The road adjacent already had six vehicular exits onto it within a short stretch. Two additional exits for 17 dwellings would have an impact.

·         In busy periods it had been known for HGV’s to queue on the road waiting to access Mr Dalton’s site. This may cause issues with regard to residential properties.

·         Further concerns were raised with regard to noise levels. Mr Dalton advised that the noise survey carried out had been during the quietest time of year for his business. He suggested that further information should be gathered in peak business times.


Following questions from the Committee, the Principal Engineer (Highways) advised that, as an outline application, no decision surrounding site access was required. However, two indicative accesses had been provided, similar to those already existing. It was predicted that the majority of the HGV’s from the adjacent site would turn north to the A47 and avoid the application site. The impact of the development on the road was considered to be negligible and the Highways Authority was content with the proposed levels of visibility.


The Committee discussed the application and raised concerns in relation to the noise levels resulting from the business adjacent to the site, and whether further information needed to be gathered in busier periods. The Development Management Manager advised that noise was a key issue, though a number of provisions had been proposed by the applicant to mitigate the problem, including gabian walls and alternatively orientated windows for the proposed flats.


The Committee raised concerns that the residential development was not outlined within the current Local Plan and that a significant amount of development was already taking place in the surrounding areas. Discussion was had regarding the ability for fire and rescue vehicles to properly navigate through the site


A motion was proposed and seconded to agree that the application be deferred, contrary to officer recommendation, in order to collect further information in relation to noise impact. The motion was defeated, four voting in favour, five voting against.


A motion was proposed and seconded to agree that permission be refused, contrary to officer recommendation, for the reasons of overdevelopment and noise impact. The motion was carried, five voting in favour, four voting against.


RESOLVED: (five voted in favour, four voted against) that planning permission is REFUSED for the reasons set out below


Reasons for the decision


The application was considered to represent overdevelopment in the area, and would result in an unacceptable level of noise impact on the residents of the proposed dwellings.


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