Agenda and minutes

Annual Council, Council - Monday 23rd May, 2016 7.45 pm

Venue: Council Chamber - Town Hall

Contact: Gemma George, 01733 452268  Email:

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Minutes of the meetings held on:

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9 March 2016 pdf icon PDF 208 KB

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13 April 2016 (Extraordinary Meeting) pdf icon PDF 124 KB


Mayor's Announcements pdf icon PDF 58 KB


Chief Executive's Announcements


Report of the Returning Officer pdf icon PDF 42 KB

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Political Groups and Group Officers 2016 / 2017 pdf icon PDF 45 KB

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Appointment of Executive and Leader's Scheme of Delegation pdf icon PDF 51 KB

(a)     To note that the appointment of the current Leader of the Council expires in 2018;


(b)     To note the appointment of the Cabinet and the Leader’s Scheme of Delegation to Cabinet Members and Officers; and


(c)     To agree to amend the Constitution to include the Leader’s Scheme of Delegation to Cabinet Members and Officers.



Committee Structures and Terms of Reference pdf icon PDF 51 KB

(a)          To resolve to appoint the Committees as listed within the report for the municipal year 2016/2017; and


(b)          To accept the terms of reference of Committees as amended by Council on 27 January 2016 (the hybrid model).



Political Balance, Allocation of Committee Seats and Committee Appointments pdf icon PDF 82 KB

(a)          To note the number of seats on Committees;


(b)          To decide whether to exempt the Audit Committee and the Planning Review Committee from the political balance seat arrangements;


(c)          Subject to (b) above, to agree the allocation of seats on those Committees subject to the political balance arrangements; and


(d)          To agree the allocation of seats on those Committees not subject to political balance arrangements.


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Appointments to Committees and Other Bodies pdf icon PDF 57 KB

(a)       Where the allocation of the seats on committees and other bodies has been determined under Agenda Item 10, the Council agrees the appointments to those Committees;


(b)       To appoint the Chair and Vice-Chair of each of the Council’s Committees;


(c)       To confirm the non-elected membership of committees;


(d)       To confirm the non-executive appointments to outside organisations;


(e)       In respect of any other appointments to be made, to authorise the Monitoring Officer as Proper Officer to carry out the wishes of the Leaders of the Political Groups in allocating members to committees or outside bodies, and appoints those Members with effect from the date at which the Proper Officer is advised of the names of such Members.


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Calendar of Meetings 2016 / 2017 pdf icon PDF 48 KB

(a)       To approve the Calendar of Meetings 2016 / 2017

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Members' Allowances Scheme pdf icon PDF 62 KB

(a)      To approve the Members’ Allowances Scheme for 2016/17; and


(b)        To note the Independent Members Remuneration Panel will begin a review of the Scheme  and report its recommendations to Council later in the year.


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