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The 2023/2024 Local Transport Plan Annual Programme of Works - MAR23/CMDN/107

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member for Climate Change, Planning, Housing and Transport

Decision status: Recommendations Approved

Is Key decision?: Yes

Is subject to call in?: Yes


The Cabinet Member: 


1.    Approved the proposed Transport programme of works for 2023/2024 as follows:


·         Integrated Transport Improvements

·         Highway Improvements

·         Pothole Prevention Improvements

·         Street Lighting Improvements

·         Bridge Improvements.


2.    Authorised the award of the programme of works to Milestone Infrastructure Limited, utilising the existing Peterborough Highways Term Service Contract, for a total sum not exceeding £5,740,000.

Reasons for the decision:

On an annual basis the Council receives numerous requests for improvements to the transport network from the general public, Members and other stakeholders. These potential schemes are assessed against recognised assessment methodologies and prioritised for consideration in future years programmes. In some areas like highways and street lighting, scheme prioritisation is based on inspection processes, which assess condition and target spending where it is needed most. As budget allocations are finite it is inevitable that some alternative schemes, which broadly meet objectives, will not be included in the proposed programme. These schemes will remain on the Request Database and be considered for the following year’s programme. Other schemes that have been assessed, and which do not meet objectives, would be rejected and not be considered again in the immediate future. The Programme of Works detailed in Appendices 1-4 is considered to be the most suitable programme to meet the Council’s objectives and fulfil its statutory duties. 


Approval of the proposed programme of works ensures that the Council is utilising grant funding efficiently and effectively to deliver a balanced programme of projects that improve the highway whilst also fulfilling its statutory duty to maintain the highway in a safe and passable condition.


Failure to utilise the grants will result in poor highways networks that require significantly more reactive works at greater revenue cost. Furthermore, failure to demonstrate spend and delivery may result in lower funding amounts in the future.

Alternative options considered:

The grants that make up the £5,740,000 awarded for the 2023/2024 programme of works are specifically awarded to Local Highway Authorities for the maintenance and improvement of its highway asset in order to comply with its absolute duty under the Highways Act 1980 to “maintain the highway network in a safe condition for all highway users”.


The proposed LTP Programme is designed to target essential works and reduce the overall financial burden on the Council. In addition to this the following implications could arise from failing to undertake this work:


·         Quantifiable reduction in revenue efficiency income from Highways contract

·         Predicted increase in insurance claims from the public

·         Increase in complaints from the public and members

·         Negative impact on the economy of Peterborough due to impact on hauliers etc of deteriorating highway network and associated congestion?

·         Unless alternative funding is secured to offset any reduction the failure to maintain the network could cause risk to life?

·         Poor sustainable links to key services and facilities which may lead to increased car journeys and decreased air quality

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Publication date: 24/03/2023

Date of decision: 24/03/2023

Effective from: 30/03/2023

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