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Decision details

Recommendation to approve the Local Transport Plan programme of capital works for 2019/20 - 2021/22 - APR19/CMDN/101

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member for Growth, Planning, Housing and Economic Development

Decision status: Recommendations Approved

Is Key decision?: Yes

Is subject to call in?: Yes


The Cabinet Member approved the 2019/20 Transport Programme of Works, as follows:


- The 2019/20 Integrated Transport Programme;

- The 2019/20 Highway Maintenance Programme

- The 2019/20 Street Lighting Maintenance Programme; and

- The 2019/20 Bridge Maintenance Programme.

Reasons for the decision:

The Peterborough LTTS (2011-2026) and the fourth Peterborough LTP (2016-2021) were developed in consultation with a wide range of key stakeholders. The Council considered a range of transport interventions to best address local problems, meet the growth aspirations of the City and integrate the Government’s transport priorities agreed nationally by the Local Government Association and the Department for Transport. The assessment and appraisal of options involved:


- Policy Fit (meets objectives of the strategy)

- Cost Benefit Analysis (value for money)

- Key Performance Indicator Assessment

- Network Improvement Impact Assessment

- Equality Impact Assessment (EIA)

- Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

- Habitats Regulation Assessment (HRA)


In 2019, there will be a new Local Transport Plan prepared by the Combined Authority. The Combined Authority Board agreed to adopt the previous Local Transport Plans of Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council as a single Local Transport Plan as an interim measure until a comprehensive statutory process can be undertaken to review the Combined Authority’s strategic transport planning role to produce a long term, new Local Transport Plan for the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough area. The Combined Authority is currently developing its first Local Transport Plan and public consultation is planned in the summer of 2019 and it should be adopted later in 2019.


On an annual basis the Council receives numerous requests for improvements to the transport network from the general public, Council Members and other stakeholders. These potential schemes are assessed against recognised assessment methodologies and prioritised for consideration in future years programmes. In some areas like highways and street lighting, scheme prioritisation is based on inspection processes, which assess condition and target spending where it is needed most. As budget allocations are finite it is inevitable that some alternative schemes, which broadly meet objectives, will not be included in the proposed programme. These schemes will remain on the Request Database and be considered for the following year’s programme. Other schemes that have been assessed, and which do not meet objectives, would be rejected and not be considered again in the immediate future. The Programme of Works shown in Appendices 1-3 is considered to be the best programme to meet the Council’s objectives.


LTP capital funding is awarded in the form of a single capital pot and this financial year is provided as direct capital grant to the Combined Authority. An early mandate for the proposed Transport Programme of Works is essential in order to provide sufficient timeframe for consultation, design and implementation of identified schemes within allocated budgets.

Alternative options considered:

Not to deliver a programme of works: The £4,193k (annual allocation) expected transport settlement is grant funding - non delivery of a transport programme of works would mean that the funding could be lost. Successful delivery of the proposed programme of works will provide significant benefits to the residents of Peterborough and the wider travelling public, resulting in improvements to: condition of roads and pavements; street lighting; public transport; road safety; accessibility and the environment. These benefits will be lost if the programme is not delivered.


Agree an alternative scheme/works programme: The schemes put forward have been developed in consultation with a wide range of key stakeholders and assessed to ensure they meet objectives and provide value for money.

Interests and Nature of Interests Declared:


Background Documents:

Peterborough Local Transport Plan 4 (2016 – 2021)


Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority’s Interim Local Transport Plan

Publication date: 02/04/2019

Date of decision: 02/04/2019

Effective from: 06/04/2019

Accompanying Documents: