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Passenger Transport - Subsidised Service Provision - JUL13/CAB/059

Decision Maker: Cabinet

Decision status: Recommendations approved

Is Key decision?: Yes

Is subject to call in?: Yes


Cabinet considered the report andRESOLVED to:


1.      Continue to fund the existing Demand Responsive Transport services at current levels of subsidy of £180,000 and to increase the investment in Demand Responsive Transport Services;


2.      Invest £220,000 in expanding the Demand Responsive Transport service available to residents in Peterborough;


3.      Reduce the Voluntary Partnership Agreement funding with Stagecoach to £200,000;


4.      Invest any savings below the £220,000 budgeted for the expanded Demand Responsive Transport service into additional evening services provided within the Voluntary Partnership Agreement;


5.      Discontinue all the funding for Local Link services;


6.      Discontinue all the funding to some daytime services on the Kimes 9 service;


7.      Discontinue all funding to some daytime services on Stagecoach route 24;


8.      Discontinue all funding to Sunday services on Stagecoach route 37; and


9.      Discontinue all funding for the Luxecabs service.



Following the call-in of the decision by the Sustainable Growth and Environment Capital Scrutiny Committee on 11 July 2013, Cabinet met on 23 July 2013 and:


(a)   considered the recommendations from the Scrutiny Committee;

(b)   confirmed the decision taken on 1 July and agreed to additional recommendations noted below before adopting the final decision:


10.  A meeting of the cross party advisory group would be convened to which members of the public would be invited to consider the outcome of the procurement exercise. Such meeting is to be convened before any further decision to award contracts for the bus passenger transport services.

Reasons for the decision:

Current Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) - retained

There is a need to retain the current demand responsive services as these operate where no other passenger transport service exists and also some accommodate travel for those who cannot use other public transport services (for example as they have mobility difficulties).


£200k of voluntary service partnership - retained

It was not possible to mitigate all current evening services that are subsidised through demand responsive transport service so £200,000 was retained for this.


Local Link – discontinue

Most residents in the urban areas of Peterborough are in walking distance to access other commercial services rather than the Local Link Service.  Those that are unable to walk the additional distance to alternative commercial services in the urban areas due to the discontinuation of the Local Link services may be eligible to access the other Demand Responsive Transport services.


Local Link - discontinued and replaced by increased DRT

Demand responsive transport gives the best opportunity to mitigate the impacts identified in the Local Link rural Equality Impact Assessments by commissioning a bespoke service to target resources where the demand for travel is high.  Timetabled services operate whether there is a demand for the service or not and replacing the Local link service with DRT allows a bespoke service to try to target resources to meet the travelling needs of the public.


Kimes 9 - discontinue

There are 20 journeys on the Kimes 9 that are not currently subsidised by Peterborough City Council and it is hoped they would continue to run.  The two Kimes 9 Services that operate at a time suitable for school children was shown to be full during our on-bus surveys and it is hoped therefore that these would continue


Luxecab - discontinued

Residents who use LUXECAB currently have access to an alternative high quality Demand Responsive Service designed for those with mobility issues to take them into Peterborough.


VPA - reduction

The council only subsidises some evening services on the Stagecoach 24 and on Sundays for the Stagecoach 37 and it is hoped that the other non subsidised journeys would continue.  Through discussions with the operator it is believed that any reduction in the Stagecoach Citi buses evening service that may occur due to the reduction in subsidises would be minimum.

Alternative options considered:

The following alternatives were considered when making the recommendation outlined in this report:


1.            Continuing with the existing service has been considered, however this was ruled out, as the budget for passenger transport subsidised services set out in the Medium Term Financial Strategy and agreed by Full Council on 6 March 2013 was insufficient to do so.  Market testing was carried out to determine if this option was achievable through efficiencies provided by re-procuring services and the results categorically ruled this option out.  Instead of an existing budget of £1,100,000, a budget up to £1,900,000 would be required to maintain the current service.


2.            All of the subsidised services were reviewed and different scenarios and options of which services to retain have been considered within this exercise.  The findings of the Equality Impact Assessments were considered and the alternative service options were deemed to offer a reduced potential for mitigating the affects of reducing the overall service provision. 


         Please note that although the other options were deemed to be less attractive than the option recommended in this report; there are other service options that will be appropriate for consideration if the procurement process is unable to deliver this recommended preferred option. (See section 11.2, risk, of this report)


3.            The advice from cross party advisory group (see consultation section 5.1) has been considered.  This option has been ruled out, as it exceeds the budget available for passenger transport subsidised services as set out in the Medium Term Financial Strategy.


4.      To subsidise none of the current services provided by the Council was considered however this was ruled out following the impacts identified in the Equality Impact Assessments.

Interests and Nature of Interests Declared:


Background Documents:

The documents listed below were examined and considered during the review of passenger transport subsidised services:


  • Peterborough Supported Bus Network Review. Produced by Atkins
  • Equality Impact Assessment – Summary Report. Produced by Atkins
  • Equality Impact Assessment: Luxecabs. Produced by Atkins
  • Equality Impact Assessment: Kimes Route 9. Produced by Atkins
  • Equality Impact Assessment: Stagecoach Voluntary Partnership Agreement. Produced by Atkins
  • Equality Impact Assessment: Local Link. Produced by Atkins

Publication date: 01/07/2013

Date of decision: 01/07/2013

Effective from: 05/07/2013

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